Our 2022 Full-Stack Developer Salary Guide

However, it is to be noted that the salary has many affecting factors ranging from experience, skills, location and employer. A Machine Learning Engineer must understand deep learning concepts, neural network architecture, machine learning algorithms, mathematics, and statistics. A Machine Learning Engineer should also be proficient in gradient descent, regression analysis, and prediction models. S/he works beyond just programming by channeling creativity and implementing it in applications. S/he must be well versed with core Python, the different web frameworks, and ORM. A Software developer must also have an understanding of multi-process architecture to integrate applications with other components. Skills such as front-end development skills and database knowledge are added advantages.

As a business, you want to hire the most talented Python engineers and consultants that you can find while achieving a perfect balance in cost-efficiency. Full-stack developers are a rare class that, on average, earn $97k/year. While you’re making a little more than similar jobs, other types of developers manage to just about keep up in the salary department.

Python Developer Salary Guide: Where to Hire Python Developers

Typically, it’s $42-55 per hour in the US, $40-95 per hour in Western Europe, and $25-60 in the CEE region. If a company decides to hire a nearshore or offshore Python specialist, it’s critical to consider the main source for hiring as well. From gig platforms and on-demand hiring platforms to independent contractors or boutique software consulting firms, like UVIK – the final decision fully depends on the company’s preferences and needs. As of 2021, Python language has the 2nd largest programming language community in the world, which has already overpassed 10 million developers. Moreover, nearly 85% of developers name Python as their main programming language.

The average highest salary range for a full-stack web developer in India could go up to INR 14,00,000. This pay scale can vary according to various deciding factors like skillset, location, employer, experience, and job role. Python is already one of the most popular and highest-paying programming languages around the world. At the same time, Python Developers Survey become a python developer 2020 results point out that 21% of Python developers are concentrated in the US. With high average Python developer salaries reported by various sources across the US, though, it’s only a matter of time before Python becomes a top choice for American developers. Full-stack engineers must have excellent programming abilities, which influence their pay significantly.

Blockchain Software Engineer

Just like with data scientist salaries, the area of business that you work in is a major factor in how much you will take home at the end of the month. Now it’s time to hop across the Atlantic and see what the pay situation is like there for full-stack developers. Where can you get paid more, working for a private company or for the government? Public sector employees in Germany earn 5% more than their private sector counterparts on average across all sectors.

Below you will find a detailed breakdown based on many different criteria. Across the United States, the highest annual salaries for Python developers on the job market are $172,000. Python’s growing popularity is explained by its vast usage in data analysis, web development, machine learning , Internet of Things , deep learning, DevOps, and artificial intelligence . For complex projects limited in time, it is recommended to hire a Python development team with a reputation. A dedicated team of developers can effectively allocate the processes and deliver them within a shorter time.